Nakedcellist.org is the society for the promotion of playing the cello naked. We believe that playing the cello naked is a liberating, body positive, creative and musical activity. But in reality I started playing the cello naked to distract from my poor intonation.. fortunately, my technique has gotten a lot better since then.

I perform playing the cello naked (or dressed), improvising on cello with electronic effects, collaborating with a very diverse group of artists, like musicians, dancers, bondage riggers, hookers (suspension), BDSM-ers, DJs, painters, adult entertainers, war criminals, actors &c.

I am available for bookings solo, or with my friend Mischka who is also a very talented improvising cellist, with whom I have performed a few times.

To inquire about bookings, contact me via twitter or instagram.

I am based in Berlin, Germany.