Upcoming performances


  • 27th of January 2023 CE, with Aesthetic Meat Front, Alte Münze Berlin. 21:45 is our performance, other performances start at 20:00. Tickets here. Please note that this performance will feature hooks, real blood, naked musicians and intonation errors.
  • February 2023 CE, International Film Festival Rotterdam is showing “Captain Faggotron saves the world” a movie in which I can be seen playing the cello naked on the streets of Berlin. I am not sure if I will be at the premiere myself. More info here


  • 28th of January 2023 CE 19:00, with Xenia Ost and other wonderful people of Refuge for 8, performing their own songs at Club Aviator Berlin
  • 31st of January 2023 CE 20:00, with KSO-CM Berlin, Philharmony Berlin, Tickets here